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3 Best and Easiest Ways To Unclog a Toilet

Uh-oh, the stuff in the bowl won’t go away and the water is rising! But do not worry, here we will show you how to unclog a toilet. These step-by-step directions are almost the same for septic and conventional systems. You can do it!

So the water does not go down. Before you do anything else, make sure you don’t try to flush again. If your toilet is clogged, flushing more times will not fix the problem, but it will more than likely cause the water to overflow. After the situation is somewhat under control, try one or some of the methods below to unclog your toilet.

Plunger method

This is probably the fastest and easiest way to unclog the toilet. It also important that you have a high quality plunger. It will not make your task more fun, but it will certainly make it easier. Some of the best plungers we have come across are Neiko Heavy-Duty All-Angle Super-Power Plunger and OXO Good Grips Toilet Plunger. Finally, here are the step by step instructions on how to properly use a plunger:

1. First, ensure the water isn’t going to overflow the bowl. If it looks like it might, quickly lift the lid cover off the water tank and close the flapper. Turn off the water at the valve located behind the toilet.

2. In some cases, you may need to add enough water to cover the plunger. Use warm water to keep the plunger pliable and get a better seal.

3. Next, place it into the bowl over the exit hole until it seals tightly. Funnel cup plungers, which have an added piece extending off the bottom of the cup, work best.

4. Once you have a good seal, give a few solid back and forth strokes with the plunger while maintaining the seal and flush the toilet. It may start draining before you flush. If it doesn’t clear immediately, pump forcefully a few more times to unclog the toilet and flush.

Hint: Try not to break the seal during pushing or use too much force, or it might splash stuff everywhere! Be patient. Sometimes it takes more than one round of plunging to unclog a toilet.

Drain Cleaner Methods

As we have explained in “Chemical Drain Cleaner” section, chemical drain cleaners can also useful in unclogging your toilet. Depending on your clog type, a regular drain opener may be sufficient to remove the obstruction and to get the water flowing.

Enzymatic drain openers can also be a good option, but they employ more natural approach by using special bacteria to break down the clogs and might not be the best choice in unclogging the toilets as they take some time to start working. If you are looking for the top drain cleaners that fit your needs you can find them in our previous article here.

As a reminder, it is always a good idea to consult and expert in what products is the best for your system. Also, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label. Also, we recommend keeping a right product on hand to clear a clog if need be without also flushing your wallet.

Snake Method

When neither plunger nor additives will clear the obstruction, the next method to try is a plumbing snake, which is a flexible cleaning tool. A closet auger, which is what plumbers prefer, is the best snake to use because its protective covering is designed to unclog a toilet without staining or damaging the bowl.

1. First, put one end of the snake into the drain. Push down until you feel the obstruction.

2. Then, twist and push the snake through it until the water begins draining.

3. After that, go through the motions in reverse. You may have to try two or three times.

4. If this does not work, it may be necessary to remove the toilet and snake it in the opposite direction. This might be necessary for hard obstructions like a like a flushed toy or cell phone. If you know this is the case and do not know how to remove and replace it yourself, contact a plumber.

Toilet clogs happen after several attempts to flush too much at once or if the water pressure is too low to forcefully move material. Using the right products to keep your toilet clean not only sanitizes it, but also maintains it in good working order. Weekly cleaning is needed to keep the jets in the rim free from build up that could keep them from moving the water with enough force. Wait too long to use a quality toilet brush, and you may end up scraping off the build-up with a screwdriver. Water backing up into sinks or showers indicates a clog or other problem in the main line, for which a professional plumber will need to be called. With septic systems, this could mean that the tank is full and needs to be pumped.

There is every reason to feel confident with the right tools to unclog a toilet. Now you can take a deep breath, if you dare, and plunge in with confidence!

Hint: Plungers make humorous, but handy, housewarming gifts between friends on tight budgets. Augers may not be the most glamorous wedding gift to give, but be sure it will be highly favored when needed!

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